8 Exciting Initial Coin Offering D10E Kiev

8 Exciting Initial Coin Digital advertising Offering D10E Kiev

The Kiev conference had an accessible and competitive presentation. In which a number of ICO projects were pushed to compete to gain the attention of potential investors and also to collect funds for the Digital advertising further development. The Blockchain Investing Consortium (BIC) the group of institutions that are managing more than $2 billion,  came up with the prize pool of 100BTC or $390,000. While there were hundreds of applicants, only 20 were selected to participate in the contest.

CryptoStreet had the occasion to attend the International Initial Coin Offering Competition in Kiev Ukraine. In a crowded room where you could feel the technology floating in the air, the founders of the latest ICOs pitched their technologies to the audience. Each and every one of them had the vision to add something new and valuable to the blockchain technology and also to the world. Here are 8 projects that caught our attention:


Sense creates blockchain based smart contracts in chat and rewards humans for the contributions they make to one another Digital advertising conversationally, across Sensay and other messenger applications. Humans can monetize their proof of intelligence in the data used to train A.I. applications and agents. Sensay, the first application, creates a marketplace for peer to peer conversations.

2. BLOCKv (Winner of the Competition)

BLOCKv, the shared protocol for the blockchain developer stack, represents the interface moment in the maturation of the blockchain sector. BLOCKv provides developers with the building blocks to design the experiential economy of the future and unlock new revenue generating opportunities for businesses within this growing ecosystem. The BLOCKv platform enables the creation of smart digital objects on block chains unlocking the potential to rapidly engage end-users and traverse digital and real-world Digital advertising environments. These smart objects, called vAtoms (Virtual Atoms) combine code with multimedia elements and are dynamic, compelling digital goods that make a cryptocurrency come alive as an asset for developers, brands and end users.

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Digital objects are an increasingly important part of the human experience: from in-game goods, digital cards and art that we collect, to digital books and music, and items we exchange on social networks.


Papyrus is the world’s first fully comprehensive and highly scalable decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising which radically improves programmatic advertising stack to provide efficient, transparent and mutually beneficial environment for users, publishers, advertisers and decentralized application (dApp) developers using blockchain architecture.

8 Exciting Initial Coin Offering D10E Kiev


Winding Tree makes travel cheaper for individual travelers and more profitable for providers.Winding Tree is a blockchain-based decentralized open-source travel distribution platform. We make travel cheaper for the end user, while Digital advertising making it more profitable for suppliers.No centralized control means no exorbitant transaction fees and no barriers for entry. Moreover, we allow small companies to compete with big players, finally bringing innovation back into the travel industry.


This is an open-source blockchain dedicated to the decentralization of auctions in real time. It will be transparent, reliable, adaptable and interoperable, without compromising on speed.The Dom Raider network is not only aimed to register auctions and bids. It is the core of a complete new auctioning ecosystem aimed to provide an innovative solution for all worldwide auctioning players.Live auctioneers, escrow, appraisal experts, delivery services Digital advertising and online auctions providers will all be able to join the network, provide their services and add value to the blockchain.


The Modex team has already built the award-winning peer-to-peer mobile payments application, Money mail me.  Modex is in the process of building a platform to connect smart contracts and applications that together, will create an ecosystem to empower the following block-chain advancements – – (i) develop or acquire ready to use smart contracts; (ii) benefit from an e-wallet that can store crypto-currencies as well as fiat money; (iii) make payments using the Modex (MDX) token or other accepted crypto-currencies either on a p2p, b2c or b2b basis; and (iv) integrate with new applications in order to deploy a range of smart contracts in the real world.

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Given the major changes in the complex landscape of smart contracts and payments, the adoption of blockchain technology comes with several challenges, notably integration concerns, a lack of expertise, high costs, volatility, and consumer protection.


CPROP’s mission is to drive standardization, automation, and validation in the transactional real estate to enhance operational efficiencies, reduce costs, improve accuracy and reduce risks for all stakeholders using blockchain technology. The CPROP platform will be accessed via web or mobile app providing a highly effective way for all users to find and interact/transact with one another.


Lendoit is a Decentralized P2P lending platform, which connect borrowers and lenders from all over the world in a trusted, fast and easy way using the advantages of Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology.

Lendoit creates an ecosystem, using its Smart Contracts that can serve the following participants:

  • Borrowers can apply for a loan using Smart Loan Contract
  • Lenders can lend to borrowers, using the Smart Loan Contract, by transferring funds to the contract
  • Reputation Consumers can get information about an Ethereum address via Smart Reputation Contract for any purpose (e.g. check address before transferring tokens to it, exchanging physical asset for tokens, etc.)
  • Collectors can buy the debt in a tender using the Smart Loan Contract.

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