Cryptocurrencies # NAME PRICE ($) % CHANGE (24h) MARKET CAP ($) CIRCULATING SUPPLY VOLUME (24h) 1 Bitcoin (BTC) $10190.6 -5.48 $171,580,018,782 16,837,087 $9,987,830,000 2 Ethereum (ETH) $1108.9 -3.57 $107,923,294,854 97,324,641 $4,570,930,000 3 Ripple (XRP) $1.13981 -8.18 $44,155,262,367 38,739,142,811 $1,597,530,000 4 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $1495.98 -6.62 $25,344,481,766 16,941,725 $862,712,000 5 Cardano (ADA) $0.513524 -10.62 $13,314,172,971 25,927,070,538

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Bitcoin Ethereum Regulations Icos

Bitcoin Ethereum Goldman Sachs Regulations Icos

According to Business Insider,  Goldman Sachs is flirting with the idea of setting up a bitcoin trading shop. On, blockchain development firm IOHK, led by Charles Hoskinson, launched Cardano, a new blockchain. And yesterday, Ada (ADA), the platform’s native cryptocurrency, began trading on the U.S.-regulated exchange Bittrex. According to Forbes, News that Catalonia has won “right

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Businessman Defrauding Investors

US Sec Goes Charges Ico DRC Businessman Defrauding Investors

Content retrieved from The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued a statement revealing they have brought charges against two companies and one individual for fraud and deception concerning funds raised in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOS) on September 29, 2017. Allegedly, Maksim Zaslavskiy sold cryptocurrencies backed by assets that did not exist in two

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