SelfPay ICO Agenda

SelfPay is a payment aggregator that uses local payment processors in each merchant country to provide a unified mobile and web interface to accept international credit cards and local debit cards. Its unique set of selling values are as follows:
• Reducing payment friction by enabling real time payment feedback using a smooth web application interface and real time technology.
• Enforcing buyer’s trust as the payment happens on the buyer’s device. Buyers are inclined to trust their own phone more than a stranger’s POS system.

As such SelfPay is providing solutions covering each use case. From informal offline merchants (Instagram / Facebook etc…) to small and medium online businesses.
Besides our frictionless payment system, we are incentivising sellers to use our solution by giving them a cash back equivalent of 20% of the fees of each transaction made using the platform.

Cost-Benefit Analysis/Comparison with existing solutions:

Believing that the main problem for sellers and merchants to accept a cryptocurrency is both change resistance as well as
core technology issues, we are proposing an innovative mixed solution with a clear update path to bring sellers to accept any
cryptocurrency, anywhere, any time.

Giving crypto reward for each transaction help to demystify the crypto currencies across merchants and give them a real incentive to use our solution.

Our point of sale, can accept both credit card and crypto currency.