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Hi! We are so excited you’ve decided to join us in adding value to the crypto movement. Together we can do more!

We aim at helping both you and your future investors by putting into perspective the features of your project. Having this in mind we have designed a unique data collection tool intended to expand your transparency as well as the investors’ field of knowledge.

Our questionnaire is …min long and will serve two purposes. First, some of the fields will automatically be included on our website, to our ICO Agenda so your ICO will not be missed by our community and, secondly, relevant information will be used by our financial analysts to create original in-depth analyses for people interested in your project.

Here, at CryptoStreet we believe “the most valuable commodity […] is information”. Investing so much time and energy in designing your project should be considered as merely Phase I. Complete your work by making your idea clear and transparent for anyone to see.