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This section has been designed for all CryptoStreet users to read and approve before going ahead with connecting to the platform in any way. The term “user” refers to any person that enters the CryptoStreet platform for any service provided by it.

This section’s content may be prone to alterations due to the crypto market dynamic, therefore, it is advisable for you to keep track of them. Continuing to access the website signifies your consent to the new terms of use.

CriptoStreet may modify the website design along with its content without prior notice. Also, we reserve the right to cease the service as well as the access of users should or should they have not violated this agreement in any way.

CryptoStreet allows and encourages user interaction through registration to an account. Creating an account will not automatically register the user to our newsletter unless this is opted for when creating the account. Posting comments will be made through the CryptoStreet Platform alone without registration with a third party.

Each user is responsible for the shared content. Should there be any conflicts between users, Cryptostreet will neither be held accountable nor influence the dispute in any way. However, we reserve the right to ban any inappropriate comments or actions that may impact the integrity and welfare of our website and of other users.

CryptoStreet will respect the opinion of each user and will not make use of any provided information unless demanded by a superior legal authority.
We are by no means responsible for content provided on sites linked to ours. The hyperlinks found on our platform aim at providing a general picture and do not imply any connection between the platforms.

Since CryptoStreet is an online service provider, risks are imminent. By accessing the website you assume responsibility for technical and communication failures, as well as downloading issues or impact on your computer.

CryptoStreet provides paid services that require third party registration through Coinify and Paypal. For completing the transfer CryptoStreet will be asking for basic information like full name, e-mail, phone and billing address. CryptoStreet reserves the right to deny or stop any service request that might be considered suspicious or illegal.

In order to create an account, the user must be 18+ and provide his/her personal information from the moment of registration.

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